Trainer Profiles


Personal Trainer // @georgio_sp

“Nice body, but what can you do with it?”

Georgio Spiliarotakis also known as GSP. His goal as a trainer is to achieve longevity, functionality, pain free movement, based on rehab and balanced programming for a joyful life while improving strength & aesthetics.

When it comes to training philosophy, GSP believes in a holistic approach that emphasises dedication, discipline and fun, focusing on movements and exercises that have practical applications outside the gym.

With over 8 years of experience as Personal trainer, Crossfit coach, decathlon athlete and sport enthusiast, has a deep understanding of the human body and how to deliver the best possible personalised program for you. 


Personal Trainer // @hannahwheelans

“Progress, not perfection”

Han believes living a healthy lifestyle begins with little steps. Hannah has built her business FtnsFrks to assist people in working their way through these steps to achieving their desired health and fitness goals.

Hannah’s main aim is to help you identify your fitness goals, design an exercise program based on facts that fit your needs and guide you through every exercise and workout. Hannah will have you feeling great and build the best possible version of you.


Personal Trainer // @juliemanners_fitritual365

“Movement is medicine”

Julie has been training in the gym for over 30 years! She believes that exercise and nutrition should be sustainable and incorporated into your daily life. 

Taking into consideration your level of fitness, goals and lifestyle, Julie specialises in sustainable programs and meal plans that deliver results and teach you how to train in the gym autonomously. 

Julie’s tailored meal plans are created for you with enough structure to help you achieve sustainable results but also enough freedom to enjoy your life.

Having tried and tested many ‘fad’ diets, pills and trends, she is able to offer extensive knowledge from experience to achieve your goals and get the most out of training.


Personal Trainer // @karlhoscke

“Change your mindset, change your body”

Karl is an ex-professional baseball athlete with over 10 years of experience in the gym. Formally, Karl is educated in Exercise and Behavioural Sciences. Karl will guide you through healthy habits to complement your workouts with long-term and long-lasting results.

Regardless of your age, exercise experience, and ability, Karl takes a balanced approach to ensure you live a long, healthy lifestyle.


Personal Trainer // @kylestonefitness_

“Don’t wish for a great body, work for it”

Kyle is extremely passionate about fitness and prides himself in providing professional training and coaching services that deliver results. Kyle has participated at a high level in many different sports growing up, which sparked his passion for health and fitness. 

From building muscle mass to shedding unwanted body fat, Kyle will help you get the lean, aesthetic physique you’ve always wanted. 


Personal Trainer // @p4pfiitness

“Consistency, discipline, results” 

Coming from a sporting cultured lifestyle, fitness has always been a top priority for Shahd. He understands that each individual is built differently and makes it his sole mission to formulate customary workout plans. Training should not only enhance the physical appearance but the self-love concept as well. 

Step one on the first hurdle for many, Shahd applauds those who are willing to take the vital step to a self-changing journey. From experience, he has the “know how” to achieve unique physique’s, be it for strength building, cardiovascular workouts or HIIT training.

Consistency, discipline, results...

achieve it with Shahd.


Personal Trainer // @sharnie_louise_

“Sometimes you need to believe in you a little more.” 

Sharnie is passionate about educating and empowering  her clients to achieve their fitness goals. Through structured weight training and nutrition programs, she helps women get strong, build confidence in the gym and love the skin they are in. 

Through her own personal fitness journey, she understands there is no special formula to building lean muscle and reducing body fat. Consistency and hard work are key to achieving long term sustainable results.

Sharnie is a motivated and driven trainer that will go to all limits possible to help you achieve your fitness goals.


HLM Coach // @the_bodyweight_journey 

“You can’t have courage without fear; courage isn’t the absence of fear, it’s acting in the face of fear.” 

Quoc has lived a healthy and active lifestyle from a young age. He intrinsically understood the value of being active and used extreme sports as his outlet, achieving the milestone of becoming a sponsored skateboarding athlete.

Quoc has been a coach for 10 years and in this time has broadened his skillset by obtaining a variety of qualifications and coaching experiences. Quoc has a unique methodology and firmly believes that mobility and flexibility should take as much focus as strength and body composition. His years of experience and character have ideally placed Quoc as the ideal Head Coach for the HLM group fitness product.