All members must complete a Pre-Activity Questionnaire (PAQ) before accessing Fitaz Gym for the first time. If identified as moderate or high risk, medical clearance is required before commencing training.

We recommend consulting with your healthcare provider before starting a new exercise program. A physical exam is advised to assess potential health risks.

Upon signing up with Fitaz Gym, please provide a photo to be taken and attached to your account. Current payment details (BANK or VALID BANK CARD) are necessary, as we do not accept cash payments.

Prioritize a warm-up before exercise and cool down afterward to prevent muscle damage or strain.

If you experience symptoms such as acute pain, dizziness, sudden headache, or chest pain during exercise, cease immediately and inform a staff member. Emergency buttons located throughout the club can be used if no staff member is available.

Notify the club of any changes in your medical condition that may impact your ability to train safely.

Do not share your access tag with anyone else, as this may result in automatic membership termination and a national ban from Fitaz Gym.

Avoid tailgating – entering with someone else. A fee of $150 will be imposed for violations, with repeat offenders facing membership termination and a national ban.

Fitaz Gym staff and management reserve the right of entry.


Enjoy 24/7 access to our club, always prioritizing safety.

During staffed hours, you are welcome to bring dogs. However, please remember they are your responsibility. Ensure they are clean and well-behaved to maintain a respectful environment for fellow members.

Firearms or other weapons are strictly prohibited.

Smoking or vaping is not allowed on the club premises.

Respect privacy: No photos or videos of members without consent.

No alcohol, drugs, or unauthorised sales/marketing within the facility.

Consent to the use of your image for promotional purposes.

Unauthorized use of Fitaz Gym's logo/name for promotion is prohibited.

Facilities may vary; please adhere to posted guidelines.

Only use liquid chalk in Fitaz Gym.

Return weights after use.

Do not steal equipment; 24-hour monitoring is in place.

Refrain from offensive language and aggressive behavior.


All members must have a photo taken during the sign-up process.

Entry is restricted if membership fees are overdue or if membership is terminated, suspended, or frozen. 

Do not share your access tag; violations result in automatic membership termination and a national ban.

Do not let others into the club after entering; a fine of $150 per person will be imposed for tailgating.


Members under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian during sign-up. 

The parent or guardian must sign an authorization/waiver, taking responsibility for the minor's membership.

Under-18 members must follow the same club rules as those over 18.


Guests must pay a guest pass fee for access. 

Normal guests must pay fees, register, and provide ID before entering.

Guests must be over 18 and adhere to all club rules.


No entry under the influence; no foul, loud, or abusive language.

Non-discriminatory language is required. 

Liability for damages and appropriate conduct is expected.

Only one person in a bathroom at a time.

Suitable exercise clothing and closed shoes must be worn.

Replace equipment and weights after use; use a towel and wipe down equipment.

Adhere to government regulations, including social distancing.


Lockers are provided; bring your padlock. Fitaz Gym is not liable for loss or damage to personal property.

Report any lost items immediately; Fitaz Gym accepts no responsibility.

Management may open lockers if misused.

Items left overnight will be removed and donated to charity within 14 days.


Use equipment for its intended purpose; inspect before use.

Report damaged equipment to staff.

Use liquid chalk only; return weights after use.

Follow time limits if specified on equipment.

No food, drinks, or bags (except water bottles) on the training floor.

 Use a sweat towel and wipe equipment after use.


Details about personal trainers can be found on our website;

Only authorized Fitaz Gym Personal Trainers are permitted.


Do not tamper with emergency exits or safety devices.

Follow health and safety notices throughout the club.

Be aware of emergency procedures; report injuries or hazards.

Do not run in the club; proceed with caution due to ongoing cleaning and maintenance.

Report any concerns to staff, security, or via email.

Emergency buttons and 24-hour monitoring are in place.


By becoming a member of Fitaz Gym, you acknowledge and agree to the terms outlined in the general waiver and release. 


By becoming a member of Fitaz Gym, you voluntarily assume the risk of exposure to COVID-19 and agree to the terms outlined in the COVID-19 waiver and release. Fitaz Gym has implemented preventive measures, but absolute safety cannot be guaranteed.