Elevate your strength, shed body fat, and skyrocket your energy levels? At Fitaz, unlock top-tier amenities, Brisbane's best group fitness classes, seasoned coaches, and a tight-knit community dedicated to fueling your success. Join us and unleash your full potential today!


Unlimited access to our state-of-the-art gym facilities.

Unlimited Functional Group Fitness classes.

Access to Yoga and Pilates classes.

Unlimited 24/7 Gym access.

Support by our expert coaches

Access to our app to record your programmed workouts.

Look Better!

Achieve your aesthetic goals and transform your physique with our comprehensive fitness programs and state-of-the-art equipment. Whether you're aiming to build lean muscle, tone up, or lose weight, our expert trainers and tailored workouts will help you sculpt the body you've always wanted.

Perform Better

Enhance your physical performance and take your fitness to the next level with our diverse range of group fitness classes and personalized training sessions. From improving strength and agility to boosting endurance and athleticism, our programs are designed to help you reach new heights and crush your goals

Feel Better

Experience a holistic approach to wellness and prioritize your mental and emotional well-being with our mindfulness practices and supportive community. From stress-relieving Yoga sessions to mood-boosting workouts, we're here to help you feel empowered, energized, and ready to tackle whatever life throws your way.

4.9 / 5

What people say about Fitaz!


The instructors are so professional and helpful. I never loved to go to gym but this time it feels so different. I am in love with my workout sessions due to FitazFK. The atmosphere is so motivating. I am going there since last 1 month and I my body is now feeling much more healthy. Thanks to them!

Dennis D - FitazFK Gym Member

I love this gym!

I love the community and location of this gym! This is the kind of place where you can establish good relationships with both members and staff and really work towards smashing out your personal goals.

Rick C - FitazFK Gym Member

The trainers are amazing

Trainers are amazing! And the atmosphere is accepting and welcoming. I was worried I’d feel judged by being here like I was at other gyms but I’m not. It’s a great place and it’s very encouraging!

Kasey I - FitazFK Gym Member

Love it here

Been training here for 3 yrs and 3 mobths. Love it here. Great space, great equipment, Great trainers (especially GSP). Great classes. Everyone is lovely. I am so much stronger and fitter since I started here.

Julie K - FitazFK Gym Member

Excellent Gym

Excellent gym!! Love everything about this place, from the aesthetic look, to the gym layout, classes and the staff. The vibe of the place is so uplifting, especially the classes you can really tell the trainers are so passionate about what they do. Really love and enjoy coming here! Great gym to keep me motivated on my fitness journey.

Cassandra P - FitazFK Gym Member

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