From online to real time, our duty has always been to help build better bodies by teaching and inspiring our community to manifest and maintain happier, healthier lives.

The FitazFK Brand was born in 2015, selling online fitness guides. Now, we are responsible for transforming over 100,000 bodies worldwide! Our next step? 2017 saw us open our doors to a movement gym in Kangaroo Point, home to our proven FK method paired with a fully functional gym floor. Our dedicated team of fitness professionals embrace our vision through and through, sharing our method through our 28 minute group classes that are guaranteed to achieve results.

No matter your training style or where you are at in your journey, there's something to help you break a sweat and fall in love with fitness all over again! We are here to instil confidence in your own body's ability to be healthy and functional so you can live your best life. Take your pick from our timetable featuring over 40 classes including HIIT, boxing, cycle, kick boxing, pilates and strength based sessions.

Want a more one-on-one approach to your training? Kick-start your journey with some of Brisbane's best trainers, each with their own niche style of training (some are ex-athletes/professionals in their field) who will challenge your body, push your mind to the limit all while having fun.

But as you walk through the doors, you'll notice we're more than just a gym. FitazFK is a home. It's a community. It's in our hearts. We live and breathe it every day. It's also a legacy to a lifetime of love and memories, (past, present and what's to come), with our space featuring a larger-than-life sized mural of our FitazFK angel, Yasmin McAllister (an ode to the tragic passing of FitazFK co-founder's wife, Aaron McAllister).

Are you ready to get started on your FitazFK journey?

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