Sweat & sculpt for 28 minutes! 

Meet the session that will have you burning calories for hours after using our iconic EMOM (every minute on the minute method). Using kettlebells, dumbbells and body weight exercises, activate every muscle group while increasing your cardio output at the same time!

Be lead by the FitazFK dream team, each with a different training style who put you through your paces and inspire you to smash your workout.


The harder you work, the more you burn, it's that simple. 

Challenge and intensify your workouts in this ultimate metabolic boosting session! 

Using full body movements through a circuit based workout, improve your cardiovascular fitness and transform your body into a fat-burning machine. It's 28 minutes you'll never forget.



Burn hard, HIIT harder. 

Get ready to rumble in this hard-hitting session, incorporating explosive speed, footwork, strength, cardio but most of all, willpower! 

Learn the foundations of boxing from your stance and form to flowing punching combos in our 45 minute Box Class. Interspersed with strength and conditioning body weight drills to help you move like a pro, you'll simultaneously challenge your body and brain through agility and fierce coordination. 

Hit it out for 28 minutes in our express classes - it's just you and your bag! Optimised with a combination of cardio and strength techniques and drills, expect to sweat it out in the ultimate fat burning zone, during and for hours after. Say hello to toned arms and a strong core!



Restore your mind & body. 

Exclusive to FitazFK, experience a guided deep stretch session, specifically designed to support and relieve the body of stress and tension. Predominantly floor based, the stretching exercises work to open and release deep layers of tension stored throughout the body. 

Using blocks, balls and straps, improve movement and reduce tightness in your muscles.



Loosen what's tight, tighten what's loose. 

Be part of a challenging body conditioning class, that fuses mat pilates and yoga, to help you sculpt, tone and burn your way toward your next transformation.  Includes core conditioning and traditional yoga/pilates poses.


No move is too big or too small, so be prepared to go full body in your workout delivering efficient movement that tones and shapes.