Mini Movers is an exclusively designed program that changes fortnightly to allow our younger generation to have more knowledge and a better understanding of the concept of fitness from a very early age.

Teaching skills that will continue to influence children into late childhood and the teenage years, the Mini Movers program is a great way to give your child a basic understanding of discipline through movement and fun activities, while gaining strength in the process.

Your child will develop hand eye coordination, musicality, and gross and fine motor skills, as well as learning different jumps, rolling, dance, general fitness, and flexibility throughout the term.

Here at Fitaz we guarantee your child will love this class as it’s a wonderful way for them to express themselves and let off steam through confident movement and social activities.

When: Every Friday of each Term
Where: FitazFK Gym (Group Fitness Floor)
Time: 9:30am
Duration: 45 minutes
Cost: $18 Casual visit or $150 for the term

*Intro week is free for first timers*

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